For weight loss 4 17

  • it relieves hunger, filling the volume of the stomach and suppressing the appetite
  • it promotes natural and gentle cleansing of the body from toxins
  • due to its magnesium content, it engages fats in metabolism and dissolves salts
  • it improves digestion, supports biochemical processes, normalizes water-salt balance
  • it enhances elasticity and firmness of the skin, prevents its sagging

For health 4 17

  • it fill your body with energy, strengthens the immune system,  improves overall health and helps to overcome many diseases
  • due to its high sodium content, it normalizes blood pressure
  • it is rich in potassium, therefore it strengthens the nervous system, immunity, restores muscles, improves kidney, liver and heart functions
  • it contains sulfates and hydrocarbons that stimulate metabolic processes and improve the gastrointestinal tract function

For female beauty 4 17

  • it promotes weight loss and helps maintain a slim figure
  • it cleans the body from “bad” cholesterol
  • it eliminates skin problems by ridding the body of harmful substances
  • it keeps softness, elasticity and hydration of the skin, prevents the occurrence of dandruff and wrinkles
  • it will make the movements easy and smooth, enriching muscles with essential microelements
  • it is perfect for use in a variety of cosmetic procedures
  • it strengthens the body's cells, as well as bone tissue and tooth enamel

For sports 4 17

  • it restores water and oxygen balance, increasing stamina, coordination and concentration during training
  • it renews essential minerals and trace elements which were lost during exercise
  • due to its potassium content, it synthesizes protein and important enzymes, improves carbohydrate and protein metabolism
  • it is rich in magnesium, so it compensates for the loss of essential proteins, promotes  muscle recovery and prevents muscle spasms

At hangover 4 17

  • it will deliver you from edema, relieve headache quickly and, most importantly, it will cleanse the body of toxic decomposition products of alcohol
  • due to the rich content of hydrocarbons, it will recover acid-base balance
  • it will normalize blood circulating in blood vessels and therefore it will eliminate dehydration
  • it will rescue you from feeling unwell and return good mood

During a sauna 4 17

  • the rich content of sodium will help quench your thirst much more efficiently than simple water
  • it will restores necessary for the body mineral salts and trace elements quickly

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essentuky 4

Tonus and recovery

Essentuky №4 is perfect for everyone who wants to keep the body in good shape, look beautiful and be energetic. Cheer up and feel your attractiveness and inwardness!
Mineralization 8–10 g/l
Ca      <150
SO4    <25
Mg      <75
Na       2450-2850
HCO3  3600-4500
K         < 50

essentuky 17

The saturation of minerals

Essentuky №17 will become a good method to improve well-being, fill your body with essential minerals and strengthen the immune system. Improve your health and make your skin shining!
Mineralization 9,2-13 g/l
Ca       <150           
SO4    <150
Mg      <150         
Na+K   2650-3630
HCO3  5000-7000       
K        < 70



About company


Essentuky OÜ is the official representative of Akva-White UMWBP company in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

The mineral water "Essentuky" comes from Mineral Waters, the famous region of the Caucasus. The first historical references date back to the 14th century — the recordings of the Arab traveler Ibn Battuta. The scientific interest in this area first appeared during the time of Peter the Great. The research was continued at the direction of Alexander I. After the solution of special commission (April 24, 1803) the area began to be build up into the mineral springs resort. The main wealth of the area is precisely its mineral waters. Mount Elbrus is only 60 km away from these places.

The Essentuky brand has became popular in Russia quickly, as well as in London, Paris, Prague, Warsaw and other European cities.


8 000 000

Liters of water sold


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